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We firmly believe that honesty, confidentiality, and integrity is an essential factor for our success.

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Anderson Global Security Consulting, LLC (AGSC) was established to help industries and governments correctly respond to internal and external threats, fulfilling real-life security needs. With well over 30 years of experience in all phases of industrial/physical security, ranging from working with companies and governments to proactively assess threats to respond in the proper manner, AGSC is highly educated on industry best practices, leveraged to develop and deliver credible solutions. We believe that the safety of an organization's employees and clients should be the core focus of any business. We pride ourselves on the ability to deliver expert-level global counterterrorism.


We provide a wide range of sensitive and classified services.


We strive to provide the best security services for all our clients.


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We take great pride in the fact that AGSC provides a unique security consulting services and is recognized as the best in the industry. We are well known within the Los Angeles area for maintaining a perfect record of providing first-class security personnel with exceptional training, skills professionalism, reliability and attitude.

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Armed Escorts and Protection Detail of VIPs, CONUS, and OCONUS

Armed Escorts and Protection Detail for High-Value Items and Assets

Armed Security and Protection Detail for Educational Institutions

Advice and Assistance in the Installation of Closed Circuit (CC) TV and Alarm Systems

Submittal of the Documents Needed to Begin the Clearance Process for Key Management Personnel (KMP)

Facilitating Client Efforts to Obtain Personnel Clearance Level (PCL) and Facility Security Clearance (FCL)


our success

We firmly believe that honesty, confidentiality, and integrity is an essential factor in maintaining our overall success.


What our Clients Say

Dear Mark,
It has been my pleasure to have you successfully addressing all of my company’s government security clearance needs since 2015. As you may recall, I had actually presented you with a bit of a puzzle to solve for my clearance needs back then. You crafted a creative but legitimate solution to the challenge, and executed it seemingly with ease to get my DoD SECRET security clearance re-issued. Since then, every time our security needs or our security constraints have evolved, you’ve stayed with us and kept us whole. It is a reassuring feeling to know that Anderson Global Security Consulting has our back for security. In my line of work in aerospace, utilizing government security clearances for business development opens up an entire world of classified unfulfilled needs (and thus opportunities). My company is too small to justify carrying a full-time FSO, so your services provided have been transformational for both my company and my clients. It is with my deepest thanks and appreciation that I am submitting to you this letter of recommendation.
I look forward to us continuing to work together.


Stayne D. Hoff
Managing Director

When Ronin Staffing, LLC had a need to navigate through the process of having our facility cleared, we chose Anderson Global. Mark Anderson’s thoroughness and attention to detail helped us tremendously! He was able to have our facility in Glendale, CA and our facility in Huntsville, AL stood up and it was processed within records time. His know how administering our overall security effort, to include our Insider Threat Program (ITP), Facility Security Clearance (FCL), and Personnel Security clearance (PCL) assisted us in achieving our security program and he has maintained it for over ten years.

I would highly recommend Anderson Global Security Consulting, LLC your security needs.
Thank you,
Director of Operations Ronin International

Barbara Doranski

Attn: Mark Anderson, CEO
Over the last 2 years it has been our pleasure to work with you taking on our company’s security challenges. Your no-nonsense direct methods have transitioned our company over a short period with excellent results. Without your dedication and fortitude, we would not be as well position in the industry as we are to support DoD Classified work. Even our customers have been impressed with our ability to build up a secure facility as quickly as we did.
In our industry, the ability to utilize security clearances for business development and execution open an additional world of customers and needs. This is critical to our business. We are deeply appreciative and dedicated to your services as we move forward together. Through the relationship we have developed it is my pleasure to submit this letter of recommendation.
I look forward to our ongoing engagement working together.

Trevor Foster
VP of Operations Empirical Systems Aerospace, Inc.